Hammertime Construction LLC is the home improvement company you should consider using if your property is in Gloucester City, NJ. We offer various services that help our clients have better, more beautiful and comfortable homes. We have many customers in the local area, but if you still don't know much about us, read the answers to some of the questions we get on a daily basis.

What services does your company offer?

We specialize in all kinds of house remodeling jobs. However, our main focus is on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We are a full-service design/build company that tailors all renovation projects to suit your lifestyle.

How much professional experience do you have?

Even though our company was founded in 2015, we have over 15 years of experience in the remodeling industry. To each job, we bring our impressive experience and the skillset acquired over all the years that we have spent perfecting our services.

Are you licensed?

Yes. We are licensed, bonded, as well as insured for your ultimate peace of mind. We are true professionals. Not only do we have the paperwork to prove this, but this also shows in every project that we do to the highest satisfaction of our customers.

How much do you charge for your services?

We want as many clients as possible to be able to benefit from the great remodeling solutions offered by our capable home renovation contractors, which is why we only charge reasonable rates. Of course, the exact price will depend on the kind of service you hire us for, as well as on its size and complexity. Call us today to get an appointment for your free, no-obligation estimate.

Which areas do you serve?

Our company is proud to serve all areas that are within a 30-mile radius of Gloucester City, NJ.

What are the benefits of bathroom remodeling?

What are the benefits of bathroom remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling is the absolute favorite of the residents of the USA when it comes to remodeling projects. This is so for two reasons. First, it brings the biggest return on your investment if you decide to sell your house. And second, but not less important, is the sense of freshness that comes with a bathroom that has been renovated. A bathroom that is up-to-date and has no dirty secrets is a pleasure to use and pride to show off to your guests. Actually, the state of your bathroom speaks volumes about you as a person, so it is important to always keep it in great shape.

What are the benefits of kitchen remodeling?

The kitchen remodeling projects are the second most popular renovation projects in the US, for obvious reasons. Still, let's recap them for you. We all spend so much time in the kitchen so we like it to be cozy. Food preparation and consumption are activities that require a nice and welcoming setting. In our kitchens, we like to relax, socialize, and we like to feel truly ourselves. These are all reasons why remodeling a kitchen is so popular and why it why adds so much to the resale value of your home.

Can't I do some of the remodeling jobs myself? Do I really need professional assistance?

Of course, you can achieve anything you set your mind on. However, do you really have the time to do it? In addition, if you don't already have the skills required for a proper house remodel, hiring experienced bathroom and kitchen remodeling contractors is your best course of action. We already know how to do it, and we have huge experience in our line of work. Why waste your time, when you can have the job done by true experts at prices that won't make you break the bank?

Do you offer professional consultations?

Yes, we can offer professional suggestions on design and its implementation. We will, of course, also take into your account your vision, taste, preferences, and unique needs, when we create our designs.

We've tried to answer here some of the most common questions that we get on a daily basis, However, if you don't see yours answered, feel free to consult our kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors at (856) 975-1168. Hammertime Construction LLC is located in Gloucester City, NJ.